May 11, 2021

Samsung is back in the augmented reality game with new AR Canvas app

Samsung’s ambitions for the AR (Augmented Reality) scene may have seemed like they’ve been tempered last year when the company pulled the plug on the AR features built into Bixby Vision, but it turns out that Samsung hasn’t entirely given up on this technology. And it probably shouldn’t yet, seeing how several tech giants are now betting big on the future of AR.

On the contrary, Samsung SmartTag+ users can now take advantage of AR to find their possessions, and the company is also entertaining the idea of building AR glasses. And it turns out that the company has also quietly developed a new AR-centered app called AR Canvas.

The new app is available for download from the Galaxy Store, and it integrates some of the AR features that were available in Bixby Vision up until last year. Essentially, it allows users to create 3D augmented reality objects in their surroundings using the camera viewfinder and a set of AR tools.

AR Canvas lets users create augmented reality scenes using 3D text, brushes, stickers and more. The app also lets you scan real 3D objects (or 2D art) and create your own AR stickers out of them. The app uses the mobile device’s location capabilities to remember anchored AR objects and their location for 30 days.

AR Canvas is now in the beta stages of development but an early version is available for download via the Galaxy Store. The app is compatible with a variety of Galaxy phones, but don’t expect it to work with Samsung’s cheaper devices that don’t have enough processing power and / or good-enough sensors to provide a fluid and accurate augmented reality experience.

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