May 11, 2021

Samsung’s developed a wireless keyboard with DeX and it’s coming soon

Samsung has developed a wireless QWERTY keyboard called the Samsung Keyboard Trio 500, and what makes it special compared to any other wireless keyboards on the market is that the Trio 500 was designed to offer DeX compatibility. Or at the very least, this is what a handful of leaked press renders suggest, because the keyboard itself is not yet available for purchase.

The Samsung Keyboard Trio 500 should work in wired mode thanks to a USB port, but it also works wirelessly thanks to two AAA batteries. The keyboard not only has a dedicated DeX button but the layout also suggests that it should be compatible with Apple devices and Windows-powered PCs. The keyboard seemingly has a dedicated button for switching between connected devices, and the name itself implies that it should be able to carry three connections simultaneously.

The alleged price might tell us more about the keyboard’s capabilities

The renders below were lifted by WinFuture from an online third-party retailer’s website, so there’s no official information to go by regarding the product’s official launch date and price. However, the source suggests that the Samsung Keyboard Trio 500 will go on sale in Europe for around €45.

The price suggests that the Keyboard Trio 500 doesn’t have any smart ‘brains’ inside it, therefore it can’t work independently as a DeX-only machine. Instead, it will likely require the user to connect it to a Samsung smartphone or tablet that supports the DeX platform. Time will tell.

The Samsung Keyboard Trio 500 should hit the market in two color options — black and white — but the exact launch date remains unclear. Nevertheless, third-party retailers are already preparing the product for release so it shouldn’t take much longer. We’ll keep you posted.

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