April 16, 2021

Samsung to build a 5G equipment plant in India and apply for PLI scheme

5G equipment suppliers including Samsung keep competing for market share as 5G network availability continues to expand. Samsung has just recently signed a 5G agreement with Japan’s NTT DOCOMO, and as the company continues to get more network operators on board with its 5G solutions, Samsung is now reportedly looking to establish a 5G equipment manufacturing facility in India.

The factory is expected to be built in Uttar Pradesh and be responsible for supplying India as well as other markets with 4G and 5G equipment. As far as India is concerned, the plant will be the launchpad for Samsung’s 5G equipment employed by its biggest client, Reliance Jio.

Samsung is likely to benefit from India’s PLI scheme

Reports from the local media claim that Samsung’s planning to take advantage of India’s PLI (production-linked incentive) scheme and benefit from an Rs. 12,195-crore ($1.68 million) infusion.

However, Samsung will have to invest a whopping Rs. 100 crore ($13.7 million) before it can sign up for the PLI scheme and take advantage of the Indian government’s Rs. 12,195-crore investment.

Samsung will face competition though, as it won’t be the only 5G equipment manufacturer applying to be funded. Samsung will reportedly join other companies including Cisco, Jabil, Foxconn, Flex, Ericsson, and Nokia.

As yet, there are no details as to when Samsung might want to make its 5G equipment manufacturing plant in Uttar Pradesh operational.

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