April 16, 2021

Samsung could launch three Exynos processors this year

Samsung has seriously upped its mobile processor game over the past few months. The company has already launched the Exynos 1080 and the Exynos 2100, and they both turned out to be pretty good smartphone chipsets. Now, it is being rumored that the company is working on three new Exynos processors.

According to IceUniverse (@UniverseIce), Samsung will launch three new Exynos chipsets this year: Exynos 8xx, Exynos 12xx, and Exynos 22xx. The model numbers of the new processors are not completely clear yet, but the Exynos 8xx could be the same mid-range chipset that was leaked yesterday.

The Exynos 12xx and the Exynos 22xx appear to be high-end chipsets. The Exynos 22xx could be the same chipset that is rumored to feature the AMD GPU and it could debut in an ARM-based laptop. The Exynos 12xx, on the other hand, could be the successor to the Exynos 1080 and it could be targeted towards smartphones.

Exynos chipsets have been criticized in the past for overheating and performance throttling. Samsung improved a lot this year with the Exynos 1080 and the Exynos 2100, but they are still not as good as their Snapdragon counterparts, and the company still has some work left to do if it wants to lead the mobile chipset space.

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