April 16, 2021

How to use Samsung’s awesome Music Share feature on your Galaxy

Music Share is a nifty little feature of Samsung’s smartphones that you might have missed when it first rolled out last year. But if you’re running One UI 2.1 or a later version of Samsung’s Android-based operating system, you really ought to see what you’ve been missing out on all this time.

Much like its modest name implies, Music Share aims to solve the problem of balancing multiple device connections with a single Bluetooth speaker. Instead of having to pair their phone with your Bluetooth speaker, your friends and family members can connect to your phone over Bluetooth to play music. It works with most Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth car stereos, and pretty much any Bluetooth device that plays audio. And it’s pretty simple to use.

How to use the Music Share feature on your Galaxy device

  1. In your phone’s notification shade, look for the Music Share quick toggle and press and hold it to go into Music Share settings
  2. Here, enable the feature by using the toggle at the top, then select Everyone under the Share devices with option
  3. Then, once your phone is connected to the Bluetooth speaker (and Music Share is enabled), simply ask your friend or family member to go to the Bluetooth settings on their phone and scan for devices
  4. They should see the name of the Bluetooth speaker along with the name of your phone (something like Galaxy Buds via John’s phone) show up in the list of available devices – just ask them to select it, then select Allow on your phone to let them connect
  5. Once connected, your friend or family member can simply start playing music on their device and the sound will be played through the Bluetooth speaker

Note that both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi need to be enabled on participating devices in order for Music Share to do its thing. If you want to learn more about how this feature came to be, check out a video demo from Samsung below. The company says any Galaxy device running Android 10 (One UI 2.1) or a more recent OS version can take advantage of this audio tool globally.

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