May 12, 2021

Samsung Clock app gets Bedtime Mode, Digital Wellbeing integration

Samsung keeps updating the stock apps on its smartphones and tablets regularly. With One UI 3.0 and One UI 3.1 updates, the company has added various useful features to its stock apps. The company has now released a new update for its stock clock app to add a couple of useful features and deeper integration with Samsung Health.

The latest version of Samsung’s clock app can help you in keeping track of your sleep patterns. You can set your daily sleep schedule (usual sleep time and wake-up time target) in the Bedtime Mode, which then shows how much sleep you will get during that time. The app can also remind you every day to go to bed as per your scheduled bedtime. To help you in sleeping better, the app can also integrate with Android’s Digital Wellbeing app to mute all incoming notifications and turn the phone’s screen to grayscale.

There’s SmartThings integration, too, which means that your Samsung smart TV and SmartThings-compatible lights can help you wake up by playing your favorite music or by gradually making your room brighter. From the clock app’s main screen, you can click on ‘Sleep Details’ under the alarm to go straight to Samsung Health’s sleep tracker. If you are a Galaxy Watch user, you can check your detailed sleep statistics.

This new feature appears to be working only on devices running One UI 3.1 for now, so if you have a phone or tablet running One UI 3.0 (or older), you might not get to use the new features in the clock app. Last year, Samsung brought Spotify integration to the clock app.

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