May 12, 2021

Samsung’s iconic Over the Horizon theme updated for 2021, check it out!

Samsung’s Over the Horizon theme, which comes set as the default ringtone on Galaxy smartphones, has become as iconic as the Nokia tune that dominated the feature and smart phone markets more than a decade ago. And every year, Samsung reimagines Over the Horizon to keep things fresh, and the 2021 version has now leaked out.

Last year’s theme was inspired by nature and was dominated by monochords, and this time around, a piano-heavy tune has made a comeback. Part of this theme will no doubt be the default ringtone on the Galaxy S21 lineup and other smartphones Samsung launches in 2021, though you can always download it in MP3 form and use it as a ringtone on an existing device. You can download the MP3 file at this link, or if you just want to give it a listen, hit the play button in the embedded YouTube video below.

In case you have been living under a rock (and given how 2020 turned out to be, we wouldn’t judge you if that’s what you decided to do), the Galaxy S21 series will be announced on January 14th. Samsung is launching its new flagship quite early this year, with reports suggesting you will be able to have one in your hands by the end of this month. New Galaxy Buds earbuds are on the way as well, and they already leaked in a pretty extensive hands-on and unboxing video earlier this week.

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