May 12, 2021

Hide camera cutout setting disappears from Galaxy devices, likely forever

Have you been having trouble finding the ‘Hide camera cutout‘ setting on your Galaxy device lately? It would appear the development isn’t an accident and has already affected every Samsung smartphone that made the jump to One UI 3.0. As the company’s custom implementation of Android 11 does away with the feature in its entirety.

What’s more, GalaxyClub reports that Samsung even removed any and all references to the functionality from its user manuals. Just in case anyone hoped the ability to hide the unbecoming camera hole might return in the future.

Do people still dislike notches? Have they ever?

And to be frank, it’s likely that not many people find these cutouts to be such an eyesore in the first place. Because Samsung probably wouldn’t have dropped the functionality otherwise. This isn’t to say we should be celebrating the development. At the end of the day, the only losing side here are consumers whose options have just gotten slimmer.

But we could also opt for a more optimistic take on this feature removal: no matter how unpopular the ‘Hide camera cutout’ setting was, it’s safe to assume Samsung isn’t preparing to start celebrating its camera holes any more than it already is.

Instead, the company’s decision to retire the feature can be seen as yet another indication that its under-display camera technologies continue to inch closer toward market availability. Whether the first generation of invisible mobile cameras manages to clear some substantial quality bar remains to be seen, of course. But Samsung certainly won’t be content with simply continuing to put out its Infinity displays indefinitely.

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