Ericsson will leave Sweden if Huawei ban exists, says Ericsson CEO

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Börje Ekholm, CEO of telecom equipment maker, Ericsson recently sat in an interview with Swedish media and made a big statement. He said, “If the ban on Huawei still exists, Ericsson will leave Sweden”.

Regarding this matter, Swedish daily news pointed out that there’s a reason behind the Ericsson CEO remark. As per Sweden’s plan, Sweden plans to ban Huawei from participating in the country’s 5G construction business.

Sweden’s Daily News discloses the text of Borje to Anna Hallberg, Swedish Minister of Commerce reads that Ericsson would leave Sweden unless the Sweden government remove the ban on Huawei and ZTE.


Ericsson is particularly strong in mobile communications in China, with nearly half the market for mobile systems. With respect to fixed networks, the company’s market share is about ten percent. So, Huawei’s ban in Sweden may create a similar situation for the company in China.

In reply to Borje’s statement, Halberg replies that the Sweden government cannot remove the Huawei ban because the decision is taken on the recommendation of the security department by the Post and Telecommunication Administration interim secretary.

On this matter Borje says, Ericsson and three other major operators filing a lawsuit against the ban to support Huawei. On the other hand, he said “Although we have talked with several Swedish law firms, no one is willing to help Huawei. There are many cowards here.”

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