New Galaxy Z Fold 2 batch for Vietnam comes in as a Limited Collection

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Samsung has introduced a new special edition Galaxy Z Fold 2 for Vietnam. It’s called the Galaxy Z Fold 2 Limited Edition Collection – Spring 2021 and customers have an opportunity to pre-order it before January 7.

Interestingly, Samsung Vietnam isn’t selling the new Limited Edition Collection alongside the standard Galaxy Z Fold 2. Instead, what seems to be happening here is Samsung has replenished the Galaxy Z Fold 2 stocks in Vietnam after the foldable phone’s unexpected success in the country, and the company has decided to make the new batch a little bit more special.

Galaxy Z Elite Privilege cards make a comeback

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 Limited Edition Collection – Spring 2021 includes the standard foldable smartphone-tabled hybrid in Mystic Bronze. It’s the same foldable flagship as before, however, the retail box includes a handful of goodies and incentives.

To begin with, the Galaxy Z Elite Privilege card that was originally reserved for early pre-order customers in Vietnam is now making a comeback and it’s included in the special edition retail box. The card is valid until September 25, 2021, and those who possess it will enjoy preferential treatment and discounts of up to 35% on non-foldable Galaxy smartphones, and up to 45% off consumer electronics with the exception of 8K TVs.

In addition, the Limited Edition Collection includes a Premium Leather Case, Samsung Care+ extended warranty, and it even lets customers choose the color of the hinge. All these goodies are wrapped in a new Limited Edition Collection retail box adorned with Lotus flowers. The Lotus is Vietnam’s national flower and it’s considered a symbol of purity, commitment, serenity and optimism for the future.

You can refer to the links below for more details on this new special edition for Vietnam and/or the Galaxy Z Fold 2 itself. Not much has changed regarding the phone or the foldable scene over the past few months so our review is just as relevant now as it was a few months ago.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 review

  • Pre-order the Galaxy Z Fold 2 Limited Collection – Spring 2021 at Samsung Vietnam.

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