May 12, 2021

Huawei AppGallery launches for PC, brings native user interface for simplicity

Huawei has launched the AppGallery for its devices as a substitute for the Google Play Store. The AppGallery features a huge catalog of selected Android apps, experience unparalleled security, keep up with the latest trends with rankings charts, discover the best apps from around the world, and more.

According to information coming from ithome, Huawei’s own application store, AppGallery is now available for PCs. As compared to existing app stores for PC, the AppGallery has more capabilities and software available to fulfill PC requirements.

Currently, the app is only available for Chinese consumers but yet to announce officially. Meanwhile, AppGallery can be used via Web version on the PC but only to download apps for mobile devices.

Check more information about this app below.

The menu bar of PC AppGallery has divided into five subcategories:

  • Explore
  • Office
  • Classifications
  • Management
  • Settings


The Explore categories have consisted of commonly used software like Tencent QQ, WeChat, Tencent Video, WPS, etc, and also included the list of must installed app, new products of the week, and more.


This section brings the software related to official works from Chinese apps including Tencent Conference, Tencent TIM, Yongzhong Office, WPS, Sunflower, CAJ/Viewer, etc.


Under classification, major categories are placed where users can search for software and application.


The management section helps the users manage the software on their system and provides the upgrade and uninstall options.


Users can download AppGallery on their system by using this download [link].


  • The link above may require you to download an additional plugin to access the software.
  • Also, it’s not hosted on our website.

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