Samsung removes ad mocking iPhone 12 not having a charger in the box. Any guesses why?

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History, as they say, repeats itself, and that’s exactly what seems to be happening now. Last year, when Samsung ditched the headphone jack for its flagship phones, it deleted old ads mocking Apple for doing the same. Now, Samsung has removed an ad its Caribbean subsidiary posted back when the iPhone 12 was announced, mocking its archrival for not including a charger in the box, and we think we know why.

Samsung is repeating history, but once again, it’s not going to make everyone happy

It’s because, as recent rumors have indicated, Samsung will be following in Apple’s footsteps and not bundling a charger with its upcoming flagship. The Galaxy S21 lineup will reportedly come without earphones or a charger in the box in Europe, and there’s a good chance the same will be true for markets in other regions as well. The official reason for doing so will no doubt have something to do about saving the environment, which is a commendable goal but not one Samsung should be tackling so soon, for reasons we’ve explained before.

Then again, hypocrisy seems to be something of a habit for Samsung, and we can only hope the company will let customers get a charger and/or earbuds for free with a simple call to customer service, as it did for the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra in the US, where the two S Pen flagships didn’t include earphones in the box. We’ll find out if that will be the case in less than a month from now – on January 14th, to be exact, the day the Galaxy S21 series is expected to go official.

What’s your take on the possibility that your Galaxy S21 may not come bundled with a charger (or earphones)?

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